Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Put It Into Practice: First Unofficial Day of Work

My first day at the new job was this Monday, but I went in last Friday to get familiar with a file for a hearing Monday afternoon.  I wasn't going to wear a suit--I was still on vacation!--but an idea planted, germinated, and flowered in the space of thirty minutes:

Lean-cut Paper Denim & Cloth jeans, from Filene's, now several years old; Jos. A. Bank wrinkle-free button-down, semi-spread collar with barrel cuffs; Jos. A. Bank suede blazer; midnight-blue pocket square, from Filene's;

brown loafers; no socks.

If the color balance seems unusually off, even for me, it's because of this "huey" thing that Pantone makes to make your monitor reflect true color.  Apparently, true color is a sort of sickly green tint.


  1. You wore this outfit to a new job??
    Besides being too casual, it screams "autumn cocktail party" in the middle of august!

  2. A griefer! I'm so flattered! I feel like I've finally Made It on the Internet.

    1. No clients in the office that day
    2. Wide variety of dress at the office
    3. Seriously, anon, did you read the part about how it wasn't even my first day yet?

    To make a useful point out of this: when deciding what to wear on a given occasion, consider: the weather; the context; what others are likely to wear; your gut.

  3. I like the pop of blue in the pocket square.

  4. Oh please with the griefer stuff.
    I often agree with you and like the blog very much.
    You are single handedly the reason I bought a steamer for my suits!
    However whatever you want to formally call your first day at work, you were autumnly casual in August - rockin' a suede blazer! What's next? Seersucker to the holiday party?
    Keep up the good work with the blog - maybe your next post can be about what to wear for the "real" first day of work? I know plenty of people screw this up.


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