Friday, December 10, 2010

Color Is Hard: Eye-Eye Coordination

It's so easy to throw on a scarf as you're running out the door when you know it's 24 bleeping degrees outside.  It's just as easy to forget that your scarf needs to coordinate with the rest of what you're wearing.  So, don't forget, or else you'll end up in the courthouse parking lot with a brutally long walk to the courthouse door, sans scarf, like I did this morning after noticing the above image reflected in my car window.

Jacket: Calvin Klein, Filene's.  Tie: Countess Mara, Filene's.  Scarf: [I don't remember, something generic, but it's nice, warm, fluffy material], Filene's.  Shirt: Extra Slim Fit with French cuffs (for example) from Brooks Brothers.


  1. Even if it matched, that would be a pretty loud scarf. Calm down! Not everything needs to/is supposed to "pop".

  2. Tan, lavender, black, dusty gold, a narrow band of fuschia? When I wear it with a black overcoat, black gloves, gray slacks, and black shoes, as is my wont, I think it's pretty subdued. Scarves, like ties, are one of those places where the suit-wearing person can show a little color, and so I do, when the mood strikes. No one would blame you for wearing a nice gray herringbone or even gray and blue here.


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