Monday, December 20, 2010

Color Is Hard: Swiss Army Tie

This bow tie goes with bloody everything.  Here, my Brooks Brothers blue check with gray herringbone suit.  The madras contains a lot of the classic menswear colors--white, blue, gray, navy--without having any one color dominate.  This means the tie will work with almost any conceivable suit/shirt pairing in my closet and kill with several.

I feel like I've written this post before, but I'm so in love with this bow tie that half the new pictures in my Picasa queue (where I store the Dapper District photos) are pictures of it.  I will try to keep my topics varied.

You can get your very own from Ellie at The Cordial Churchman, which gets my hearty recommendation.


  1. I would love to pull off that outfit, but its a tad "bold". Can you suggest a proper regular tie for this suit/shirt combo as I have both but I cant seem to get the tie figured out.

  2. Certainly. My other favorite tie for that combo is a summery one with thin diagonal stripes in yellow, light blue (as in the shirt) and white (as in the shirt). The suit gray is relatively neutral for tie-picking purposes, so any tie with a little bit of light blue and a lot of a blue-coordinated color should look fine.


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