Monday, December 13, 2010

A Sharp Collar

Speaking of the suit I wrote about last week, the collar on this Brooks Brothers shirt, paired with a fat four-in-hand, comes damned close to the "British" look I try to wrest from my collars--plenty of space on either side of the knot, strong vertical lines leading to the face, a slightly convex shape with respect to the chest.

I call it the British look because I see it on Charles Tyrwhitt and particularly Thomas Pink but not conventional American retailers like Brooks Brothers or Paul Fredrick.  I only wish that the bottom edge of the knot was about even with the bottom corners of the collar.  This is why I favor the spread collar; this collar is somewhere between a spread and a point collar.


  1. Didnt you break a rule here?....3 patterns?
    I guess you are in that "special" category of people who can break rules because they know what they are doing.

  2. BTW - I know you're a big Jos A. Bank guy - they are having one of their best sales of the year online right now. Sig Golds are listed as $328.50 but when you put it in your cart they take $75 more off to $253.50 PLUS free shipping. That is as low as it gets all year my friends.


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