Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Color Is Hard: Matchy Matchy

I'm not doing anything particularly adventurous here, as you can see.  Conservative (but lovely-textured herringbone) navy suit, red tie with navy interweave, white shirt, and those monkey fists contain all the other colors. But when I wear this same combination with metal cufflinks, it looks a little more disparate somehow.  I'm making fine distinctions here, sure, but I select my cufflinks based on mood all the time.  When you have several decent options, give yourself the freedom to pick one that makes you happy.

And wear burgundy leather, as shown here, with navy.  I know the men's magazines say you can wear black and brown with navy, but I think they're loony.  Navy with black leather isn't bad, but burgundy is so much better.  Yeah, you have to buy another pair of shoes, but they're fracking sharp, and they also go fantastically with dark jeans when you need to dress up your denim.

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