Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Things I Do For You, The Reader: Raw Denim

I asked for APC New Standard jeans for Christmas, and Mater procured them for me.  You are looking at the back of the leg after about three weeks of nightly and weekendly wear.  APC New Standard is made of raw denim.  That means it's not washed or deconstructed or whiskered or feathered or shrunk or vajazzled before you buy it.  The idea is that you wear it for as long as possible, say, six months, before you wash it because the first wash cements a lot of the whiskering, feathering, etc which--and this is the crux--is caused solely by your own wear and tear.  It's the ultimate authentic jean.  Or so the thinking goes.

Anyway, once more unto the breach for you, my readers; I am plumbing the mystery of raw denim.  Why own four or five pair of pre-deconstructed jeans when you can own one pair to rule them all?  So far, all I know is that the fit is ****ing fantastic and timeless and that while they were as stiff as cardboard when I got them, they're breaking in nicely.  Also, they're unusually long, and you should buy a waist size maybe 1-2" smaller than you usually wear.

Expect updates in the coming months.


  1. These look like great jeans, and though pricey, not insanely prohibitively so.

    All the nicer jeans that I have purchased, come longer, with the intent that they be tailored for the user.

    Question, are you recommending getting the smaller waist size usual to account for the length, or do they run big?

    I'd be surprised that a French company makes jeans that run on the larger side.

  2. These are definitely long, so I wear them rolled--inside out for casual occasions, outside in or unrolled for formal.

    They run big, strange as it seems. Also, they will stretch as you wear them. Mine certainly have.

  3. however, you might reserve final judgment on sizing till after you've washed them?

  4. Anon--you're probably right. However, it may be many many months before that happens, so we shall see. They are already a bit loose in the knee from squatting/bending/sitting etc.


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