Friday, January 28, 2011

Punctilios: Tie Clips


This tie clip was a Christmas gift from Pater (guest column here).  It's chrome with a little filigree at the end.  I wear it almost every day now.  I know Mad Men and mod dressers have made the tie clip a Hip Thing to Wear, but there are several reasons I nominate it for A Trend That Should Stay.

1. They keep your tie out of your food and drink, away from the edge of your desk (snags galore), and nowhere near distractingly pendulous as they follow your pivots by gaily swinging.

2. Seriously, how many reasons do you want me to give to justify an understated, classy, personal,  functional accessory that men actually get to wear?


  1. Hey Lee,

    What is your take on having an extra set of work clothes (suit, shirt, tie, maybe even shoes) at the office in case of emergency?


  2. Matt--good question. I wear a suit and tie just about every day, so I don't keep an extra set. If you're in a business-casual office and talking about a suit behind the door in case you need to cover a hearing, I think it's a fine idea. (Come to think of it, it's a fine idea in case something gets an irreparable stain, too.)

    Of course, you have to have enough suits and shoes to take a full set out of the rotation permanently. But shoes, socks, and a tie stow away in a desk drawer easily enough. I'd try mothballs or cedar in there to keep the insects away.

    We have a coat closet at the office. Maybe I'll stick a suit in there after I buy one more.


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