Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It Doesn't Always Fit Perfectly When It's New: Volume 1

I have a little bit of a complex about my wrists.  I think they are the smallest wrists I've ever seen on a grown man.  When my new white shirts came from Paul Fredrick, they were (as usual, by PF's design) slightly larger than their desired size.  A PF customer service rep told me this is because all shirts shrink a bit after several washings.  This applies to the whole shirt, including the cuffs and the collar, which is too roomy.  As a result, I think my wrists look even smaller than normal.  Here in a few weeks, these shirts will fit perfectly, and balance will be restored.

The moral?  Nothing is easy.  Finding the perfect shirt for you isn't just a matter of getting your measurements taken, and it isn't just a matter of trying it on in the store.  Sometimes, a piece's true fit only becomes apparent after several wearings.  Like raw denim, which I will write about soon.

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