Friday, January 29, 2010

Faux Pas - Tags and Stickers

Spotted: A large "M" size sticker on the back of the collar of a gentleman's sport shirt.

And, though it pains me to say it--

Spotted: A price tag, somewhat hidden behind the lapel of a new suit jacket being worn

Some likely places for unwanted post-purchase decals and tags:

  • Under the left lapel of the coat, a price tag
  • In a coat pocket, a materials tag
  • In a seat pocket, a materials tag.  This monstrosity tends to come out when you pull out your wallet.

  • On the back of the collar, a little thumbnail-sized circle.  I see this on at least one pedestrian a week.
  • On one side of the chest, generally a long, narrow sticker with sizing info

Pants, Jeans
  • On the back of the waist, one of those info tags that clips over the waist
  • On the leg, a long, narrow sticker with sizing info
When you bring a new item home from the store, give it a thorough going-over to make sure you catch everything.  Flip up the collar, look under the lapels, turn the pockets inside out.  A size sticker on your leg is almost as embarrassing as an open fly.

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