Friday, January 8, 2010

Punctilios: Fly Discipline

Stylish dress ain't all fun and games.  (It will be today because I'm going to Filene's on my lunch break, but tomorrow is another day.)  If you don't love the process, the details get kind of tedious, as I realize when I come home and take off my suit: remove cufflinks, remove and unknot tie, remove collar stays, unbutton shirt, carefully hang up pants to preserve crease, brush jacket, add shirt to dry cleaners pile.

But details discipline is oh-so-important.  Case in point: saw a guy with his fly open today.  You simply cannot let this happen to you.  It means being exceptionally mindful when you're finishing up in the loo--99 times out of 100, you'll zip up automatically, but the one time you don't is the time everybody remembers.  Incorporate a fly-check into your restroom hand-washing routine.

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  1. Good point!

    In this exceptionally chilly weather, any thoughts on matching a scarf to your suit/tie combo?


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