Friday, January 15, 2010

Put It Into Practice: Eventide

Eventide is a lovely, dressy little place in Clarendon, a neighborhood here in Arlington, VA.  They have delicious craft beers and appetizers at a reasonable mark-up.  It is an excellent place to go with friends and a cruel place to go alone, owing to the frequently pretentious clientele.

I hemmed and hawed about what to wear to a dear friend's surprise birthday party there last Saturday.  I settled on jeans and my black cap-toes but couldn't decide where to go from there.  (I tend to work from the shoes up.)  I just knew I didn't want to be Another Dude in Dressy Jeans and a Button-Down.

Flashback: I bought this shirt on Threadless a month ago--for obvious reasons, I had to have it--but once I got it, I wasn't sure when to wear it:

Until that night.  So I put it under my white Oxford, which I left unbuttoned to the navel.  From a distance, chameleon; up close, hot chicks on wolves with booze and automatic weapons, lighting doves on fire:

My friends got a big kick out of it, and I got to feel a little subversive without being rudely distracting.


  1. While I have loved this blog after being notified of its existence through a coworker I must disagree with you about Eventide. It may be the worst place to grab a craft beer/cocktail in the metro DC area. The clientèle is more pretentious than a drunk frat boy at the Georgia v. Florida football game (aka the worlds biggest cocktail party). It simply is a horrendous establishment.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for reading and for the kind words. Glad you enjoy the content. As for Eventide, it may have helped that we amounted to a third of the people at Eventide that night, so the staff were attentive and friendly.

  3. your women on wolves shirt is tres hot.

  4. There's a sparkle in the full-body shot that definitely makes it look like you put on body glitter. And I'm not certain it's the camera that did it...


  5. That is glare from the flash. Or else it's man-sheen. Nobody knows.

    Super-anonymous, I thank you.


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