Monday, January 25, 2010

Secret Weapons: Jiffy Esteam

Maybe you don't have bad habits like I do, but one of mine is taking my suit pants to the dry cleaners too often.  After two wearings, suit pants are just too wrinkled to safely wear to the office, so I get them pressed.  I do this even in winter, when cooler temperatures mean I don't sweat when I walk around outside.  I never encountered the oft-stated problem of suit pants becoming lighter than suit jacket as a result of too many dry-cleanings, but such frequent washings get expensive quickly.

Enter the Jiffy Esteam.  I got mine on eBay last week for about $35. They are about $50 new.  It Just Works.  You pour water in and plug it in.  It takes a few minutes to heat up.  It releases steam.  You pass the steam-head within a half-inch or so of your wrinkled dress pants, and the wrinkles literally disappear.  I was shocked--shocked!--that such a simple product could be so effective.  It also works on shirts, almost as well as ironing, and it's much faster and less labor-intensive.

If you ever travel with suits and other dress clothing, I can only imagine how convenient the Jiffy would be compared to folding everything up in plastic wrap or whatever your solution is.

Once the hot weather returns and I begin anew to wilt during the day, I'll re-review to see how this little steamer handles odors.

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