Monday, April 12, 2010

Color Is Hard: Burgundy Leather and Navy Wool

It is tempting to wear one's black shoes and belt (not shown) with a navy suit (shown).  Black and blue do not actually clash outright, but burgundy is infinitely better a match for any shade of blue--including dressy denim on the weekend.

Dark navy pinstripe suit, Jos. A Bank; belt, Macy's, $15 on sale; necktie, Filene's, $20; white shirt, Paul Fredrick, $20 (with coupon); burgundy shoes, Filene's, $80 (not shown).


  1. I think the issue with combining navy and black isn't so much that they clash (as if you were putting fuschia and orange together) as the fact that they are so near-identical that one runs the mistake of looking as though they got dressed in the dark.

  2. As always, Nora hits it on the head.


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