Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Punctilios: The Keeper

There is a name for that loop on the back of your necktie: The Keeper.

As the necktie wends its way back into slightly-more-casual ensembles, its use provokes debate among partisans.  (Postulate: for every style opinion x of magnitude y, there is an equal and opposite opinion -x of magnitude y.)  To wit: Use or eschew(...s)?

Some like the look shown above, un-keepered, so that the two blades swing freely of one another. (Let me say again how much I love this suit/tie-shirt combination.  Today is a day for parentheticals.)  I like this approach in more casual settings.  But for the office, especially when one is walking around hunched over a draft court filing, the cleaner lines of a keepered (kept?) necktie are the way to go.

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