Monday, April 4, 2011

Feast Your Eyes: Texture Bonanza

Another eBay snag, for the price I'm accustomed to paying for ties at Filene's: Welsh wool ties, sent across the pond from Wales.

Dapper District: doing its part to speed spring's arrival by buying clothing that is appropriate for winter only.


  1. Redundant much?

  2. Well, the Welsh ties could've been sent from Scotland, or they could've been Turkmenistani ties sent from Wales.

  3. Wouldn't they then be Scottish ties, or Turkmeni ties?

  4. No, they would've been "Welsh wool ties, sent over from Scotland" or "Turkmenistani wool ties, sent over from Wales." Granted, the shipper's location may not be especially relevant to this post, but it's not redundant.


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