Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sartorial Power Move: White Bucs

The menswear blogs like to talk about "sartorial power moves."  (I know you don't read any other menswear blogs, since why would you, as a DD reader, need to?)  They usually mean something like a tie with lobsters on it (almost bought one at the J. Crew outlet the other week; regretting that I didn't) or tucking your necktie's rear blade into your waistband.

Based on my trepidation this morning, I could tell these Johnston & Murphy clearance/outlet bucs (a generous gift from Mater, who visited the other weekend) were a power move.  This brown suit sports a white chalkstripe windowpane pattern, and I wore a white shirt with white knot cufflinks, and the tie has a bit of white in it, and the soles coordinate with the brown pattern in the suit and the tie.  So it's not like the white was all alone in the outfit.  By all rules of coordination, it was in good company without being super matchy.  But since the bucs look like sneakers from afar, and they are white, I hesitated.

Yet onward I pressed.  I think the biggest issue, in retrospect, is that the mood of the suit doesn't match the mood of the shoes.  The suit is kind of autumnal, while the shoes are vernal or summery.  Still, a valuable experiment.

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