Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Relatively Timely Pop Culture Style Dissection: Doctor Who

I have been watching Series 5 of the Doctor Who reboot, with Matt Smith as the Doctor.  It's, well, fantastic.  But this is not a television blog--it is a style blog!

The premise of this outfit is, when his old clothes get scorched, he grabs some clothes out of a random closet and throws them all together haphazardly.  But there's a lot to like here--specifically, tweed blazer with red bowtie that brings out the dark red in the tweed.  Try this at home.  Likewise, the shirt, which is fairly unremarkable except for its texture and the skinny central placket.  The skinny placket has been having its day in the sun as custom shirtmakers pop up all over the Internet and try to give themselves a distinct style.

On the other hand, suspenders (the kind with alligator clips on the ends)?  This is a nod to his eccentric character, presumably, though the suspenders are at least the same color as the bow tie.  Do not try this at home!  Braces only, people!

Finally, the hardest question to address--the black bottom half.  Of course, black boots and black pants go well together.  No problems here.  It's the coordination with the upper half that creates issues.  The underlying color in the tweed appears to be black, so in that sense, the pants pop.  But the black pants have no connection to the red in the shirt.  There is some darkness in the burgundy on the bow tie, but overall, you end up with two uncoordinated halves.

Then again, he's quirky, so we forgive.

[Image credit: this link; BBC America. If you are the rightsholder and want me to take this photo down, simply ask.]

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