Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Punctilios: Toe Length And Shape

On the left, my burgundy wingtips; on the right, my black bluchers.  (Yes, I know, I said I was looking for a replacement.  And I am!  I just haven't found it yet, so I gave them a good polish to fill in the gaps.)

This picture was taken with the heels of the shoes perfectly aligned.  They are both sized men's 10 1/2.  The burgundies win on every front for me, aesthetically.  Setting aside the stippling and pattern, their toe is elegantly elongated, not by much but by enough.  They make the bluchers look stumpy by comparison. 

Maybe it's just me, but a toe that's a little bit longer and a little bit more pointed just has a nicer shape to it.  N.B. Don't read this and go out and buy square-toed super-long moccasin loafers with no laces and then say, "But DD told me they were cool!"

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