Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Collar Space: Photo-Recycling Edition

This shot demonstrates the reason that I greatly prefer spread collars. The Brooks Brothers spread collar, which this is, is actually slightly less spread than I prefer, but much more so than a point collar.  Handy collar-style guide from Paul Fredrick here. 

The tips of the collar should just brush the edges of the jacket's lapels.  The right-hand lapel in the photo shows a gap only because I had to use my right hand to hold the camera, and that pose shifted the jacket a bit. 

With a point/straight or button-down collar, you're likely to get collar tips that sit half an inch away from the lapels.  They look orphaned and the opposite of the organic lines you see in this photo.

Dapper District's trend-analysis forecasts indicate that the space between jacket lapels will remain substantial.  Therefore, invest in spread collars (or dare to wear a cutaway, only if you're also wearing a tie).

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