Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shoe Horns, Part 2: A Cautionary Tale

Here's why you should have a shoe horn.  I got these Allen Edmonds wingtips on ebay for a song, and they're mostly in great shape except for the .5cm chunk I gouged out of the toe when I caught it on an uneven sidewalk.

However, their previous owner failed to use a shoe horn, and you can see the effects right around the flash reflection.  Wrinklation.  Creasimilitude.  Deteriorifaction.

Barely noticeable now, but over the years, unhorned feet would split the leather in that spot.


  1. Yes!

    Now we need to get all of TSA to have.  Shoe horns.  Good news is the Jet Blue security folks have shoe horns.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Good point. I also lament air security's way of encouraging people to wear hoodies and Polarfleece pajama pants with university logos on them.

    I think this is also a symptom of how uncomfortable, unpleasant, and uncivilized the airlines have made flight. I mean, for Pete's sake, we are hurtling through the air in a giant heap of metal and Ludicrous Speed! That still amazes me 100 years later, and I think it's worth celebrating, and I don't mean with an $8 beer and $6 cheese plate.

  3. Well, I am late to commenting on the second comment, but a reason for dressing up is that if the metal tube ever goes in and fuel is flung about it is good to have leather shoes and long trousers and a long sleeve shirt.  And no knits, as they will melt. Leather lace up shoes so they don't get sucked off in some muck as you are making your way away from the wreck. Sensible shoes for women, that can be changed for heels if needs be, after taxiing up to the gate.

    I have never been in a crash and hope never to be in one.  I am told, by the big boys, that the survivors sit in the back.

    Regards  —  Cliff


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