Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tools Of The Trade: Shoe Horn a shoe horn.  The last time you saw one was probably in the hands of the shoe salesperson at Macy's when your parent took you there to get dress shoes in middle school.  See, when a shoe gets put on by the hornless, the upper edge of the heel tends to get stepped on or otherwise yanked out of the way or wrinkled in the process.  (It's all very passive-voice; no one is to be blamed.)  This creates unwanted leather deterioration over the life of the shoe or, in the case of the salesperson, the shoe's pre-sale life and, thus, marketability. 

No need to shell out for a horn made of ivory or actual horn or something.  If luxe is your thing, go for it; I got my black plastic one for $3.99 at an Off-Broadway Shoes.  I like that it's long because I don't have to bend over to operate it in the mornings when I am still half-asleep and not inclined toward gymnastics.  It even has a little loop at the end for hanging on exactly the sort of hooks which I do not have in my closet.

$5 now saves you years of wear on the heels of your shoes.  Invest.

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