Tuesday, March 22, 2011

By Way Of Comparison

Same shoes as the St. Patty's Day edition, but gray suit with red striped tie. 

When it comes to color, context is everything, as I am still learning.  A pair of shorts that looks gray in normal light may look downright, well, purple when you wear them with a purple shirt.  This effect can bode well or ill depending on how you make use of it.  As it pertains to the photo, I think the hint of purplish red in burgundy is too different from noisy green but just noisy enough to stand out from quiet gray.

As with the previous outfit, JAB Signature suit had for 66% off, OTC socks from Paul Fredrick, tie from Filene's Basement, Allen-Edmonds wingtips had from eBay for $40.  I do not plan to ever stop bragging about that particular score.

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