Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Country Lawyer Goes to the City

I got interviewed for an AU publication!  I met the MBA candidate/reporter at Tryst, which was nice.  I had the Chaucer's Cup infusion because I'm a total pushover when it comes to caffeine after 4pm.  It was tasty.

Luckily, my $80-on-eBay fabulous tweed suit had just come back from the tailor in amazing shape, so we embarked on its maiden voyage.  I spruced it up with cufflinks and a satin pocket square, both of which picked up on the blue in the diamonds on the necktie.

Tweed was all too appropriate a fabric--historically, worn in the country, for sport, on nature hikes, while hunting, that sort of thing.  Since I now live in Falls Church a/k/a the Outer Hebrides (at least as far as my DC friends are concerned) and work in Fairfax a/k/a the moon, I might as well be a bumpkin. 

Anyway, this is just more proof that if you give enough fabric to a good tailor, the result will always be a sharp-looking suit.


  1. I'm just putting it out there - every time your phone drops a call, it just adds to my argument that you actually live somewhere in Utah.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you as well! Loved your tweed suit, by the way. Once again I prove to myself that e-retailers have the best prices and selection out there.

    Liuba S.


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