Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting Braces Put On: Fractals Edition

Braces, folks. Here are some benefits:

One. Pants drape substantially better.

Two. When jacket bottom edge opens slightly during movement, exposure of more suiting (pants), rather than belt, looks flipping awesome.

Three. No more "uh oh, my waist size is exactly between two holes on my belt" mornings.

Here are some problems, which develop fractally from the central premise of wearing braces, in a perpetual cycle of problems begetting problems:

One. Shirt pocket looks funny and no longer makes sense.  Most dress shirts have shirt pocket.  Custom shirts possibly required.

Two. Belt loops are vestigial.  Should be removed.  But then can't wear belt anymore.  Belt-loop-removal operation is one-way street.

Three. White portion at back of braces is sub-optimal.  All inexpensive braces have this.  Future braces will have to be pricey.

Four. Yet another color to have to incorporate into outfit.  (On the other hand, yet another color to get the opportunity to incorporate into outfit!)

I just do not know.

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