Thursday, December 10, 2009

Color Is Hard: Socks

The conventional wisdom for sock color is that it should transition from your pants' color to your shoes' color.  Thus, a light gray suit with black shoes should sport dark gray socks.  You can't go wrong with that rule of thumb, but what if you're feeling a little playful?

The leg you see is that of one of my favorite suits, which is kind of...mocha color.  It's hard to describe.  It has a tight alternating pinstripe in light blue and a sort of goldenrod.  I got the suit as part of my Jos. A. Bank Orphan Adoption Program, in which I wait like a vulture for an interesting suit to go on sale at the absolute end of its shelf life and then get it for about an 85% discount off list price.  (Never pay more than 40% of the list price on a suit at JAB--but that's a topic for another post.)

I ordered these over-the-calf argyle-pattern socks on sale (~$7 per pair) from Paul Fredrick hoping that they would match the suit.  It's hard to tell true color from looking at a promo picture on the Internet.  Indeed, alas, the socks' brown proved too light!  But after a few minutes' fretting, I noticed that their lighter color was almost identical to the goldenrod pinstripe, and their darker color was a nice transition from mocha to my favorite slip-ons' brown.  I like the overall effect.


  1. Would you ever consider not wearing socks? In what circumstances is it acceptable to wear a suit without socks? What do you think of people who opt out of socks? What about brightly colored socks? What do you think about matching brightly colored socks to a brightly colored tie?

  2. My office is such that I could not get away with no socks, and my feet sweat such that I wouldn't want to try it anyway. However, I think the look is totally appropriate for, say, the weekend, especially with loafers, especially if the rest of your outfit says, "I am being stylish today."

    I think matching brightly colored socks to a brightly colored tie is brilliant and am planning to do so in the near future.


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