Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Faux Pas: The Jacket's Bottom Button

Just don't button it.  Ever.

There is an exception for JFK:

How can you, too, qualify for this exception?
1. Be the rakish scion of one of the last American aristocratic families.
2. Get elected President so that you can hang out with guys like Wernher von Braun.
3. Get all your suits custom-made by some outrageously expensive bespoke house so that your two jacket buttons are placed higher than normal. I mean, look at it--his bottom jacket button is practically on his navel.  You won't find that at Dillard's.

Note how the closed bottom button works on JFK and not on WvB.  Case closed.


  1. And if the bottom button is the only button?

  2. Two scenarios in which I can conceive of that:

    1. Your jacket is missing its upper button(s).

    Solution: There should be an extra one sewn into the jacket's lining. Remove it from the lining and sew it where the old button was.

    2. You are wearing a one-button jacket, like a standard tuxedo.

    Solution: Button the button on the jacket. And rock it.

  3. I think it might have more to do with girth of the man...

  4. It's definitely not doing Wernher any favors. But ever since some British duke or something started getting his suits cut to leave the bottom button open due to his girth, non-girthy gents had to follow suit because it was fashion, so the vast majority of suits are now cut to look their best when the bottom button is open. Yet another reason to leave it undone.

  5. This definitely makes me want to watch October Sky.

    (It's Nora. WordPress was causing me issues to log in, so I said "F that noise" and went for anonymous.)


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