Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Little Flair: New Cufflinks

I'm a huge fan of Filene's Basement for cufflinks, where dozens of styles can be had for $20 or less.  But as a Dallas boy living in Washington, D.C., sometimes I feel like representing my fair home state, "flying the flag," as it were.  So, when I saw these

at Jos. A. Bank for several times what I'm used to paying for cufflinks, I knew what I had to do: wait for one of JAB's handful-of-times-per-year 50% Off Everything Except Shoes sales.  They had such a sale yesterday, and I snatched the cufflinks up.  (They had two pair in stock earlier this week; somebody else must've had the same thought I did.)  The white color is mother-of-pearl.

I think I'll wear them with my navy pinstripe suit when it comes back from the tailor.  The blues aren't identical, but these won't be an everyday set of cufflinks, either, so a little dissonance won't hurt me.

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