Thursday, December 17, 2009

NYT Picks Up the Trend Toward Dapper

An interesting article here. Thesis: the resurgence of dressing well among young men is a reaction to the Boomer generation's "casual Friday" culture.  Most generation-gap stories are, out of necessity, a bit contrived, but there are some great quotations about why to dress up.

For me, creativity and attention to detail in dress is a way of standing out, of drawing attention.  That is a selfish concern.  But I also hope it suggests to everyone--my friends, my coworkers, passers-by on the street--that I think that they are worth the time and effort spent acquiring, selecting, and arranging the clothes I am wearing.  Dressing up is, in that regard, a way of communicating respect toward others. 

I hope it encourages civility in the community as as it does in me.  When I put on a suit and tie a fat Windsor, I feel the liberating weight of tradition, of my ancestors, of my profession, and of a gentleman's obligations.


  1. I have always felt that fashion is a form of communication, and that what you choose and how you dress is a non-verbal conversation you can have with both strangers and friends. People who do not pay any attention to fashion are not exempt from this conversation, though what they are saying is often simply "I don't give a rat's ass about fashion".

    The gentleman's ascetic shows both that desire for attention, but also demonstrates consideration and interest. Well done.

  2. Rabbit, I really like your use of the word "ascetic" in that context. There is nothing business casual about buttoning down, linking up, and knotting a tie. And yet it doesn't feel like self-denial, but rather like self-realization.


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