Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret Weapons: The War on Stains, Part 2

This is the Tide to Go stick.  Note the way it is shaped like a pen.  In fact, if you remove the cap, there is an applicator shaped like a chisel.  Note how inexpensive it looks.  The thing costs about $4 and contains many, many uses.  Note the composition of my avant garde photograph: the electric color of the stick in the corner of the photograph, juxtaposed against a white background which looks a bit green under fluorescent light.  The message is clear: no stain can stand against Tide to Go.

If you ever eat lunch at your desk, or wearing any clothes at all, particularly a tie, you simply must have one of these handy.  (If you routinely eat lunch wearing no clothes at all, you may have more serious problems than stains.)  If you use it on a fresh stain, 9 times out of 10, you will get the stain completely out within a minute or so. 

An incomplete list of things Tide to Go has removed from my clothes:
- Red ink from a white shirt
- Blue ink from a white shirt
- Highlighter from a white shirt
- Seriously, a lot of ink from a lot of shirts
- Coffee
- Dr. Pepper
- Barbecue sauce (!)
- Ketchup
- Red wine (not at the office)
- Blood (from a rare steak)


  1. I kept one of these in my desk drawer when I was a teacher. After lunch, certain male students prone to ketchup spills would sometimes sneak into my classroom and whisper furtively, "Yo, Miss, you got that stick?"

  2. Good point. Being the person in the office with the Tide stick makes you a hero. Word gets around that you're packing.


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