Monday, December 28, 2009

In Praise Of: The Spread Collar With the Full Windsor

The Full Windsor (a/k/a the Windsor or Double Windsor) is the most fulsome and congruent of the major necktie knots.  It is also my favorite tie knot for a spread collar (like the one in the photo).  The spread collar's expanse calls for a knot with some impact, and the Windsor is the best tool for the job unless your tie is cut wide or made of a thick material.  The Windsor's thickness and heft keep the collar standing at attention throughout even a long day.

Unfortunately, many inexpensive satin ties are simply too thin, even in a full Windsor, to ever carry a spread collar.  These ties are generally not worth keeping anyway.

I do not recommend the Full Windsor with a straight collar (example here) because the Windsor is not an especially long knot (compared to the four-in-hand tied with a thick tie).  Generally, the Windsor will end a half-inch or more above the points of such a collar, leading to a somewhat cluttered and unbalanced look.  However, if your tie is unusually thick and luxurious, and you can get a long, thick dimple (as pictured in the link), the knot assemblage may be just substantial enough to carry the day.


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